Monday, June 17, 2013

May Stats for

May 2013 traffic for

We had:
3992 unique visitors
6970 visits
21, 032 pageviews
209,861 hits

*Explanation of terms. A unique visitor is an IP address. It's not quite a unique person as people sharing a home or office network, in most cases, would be reflected as a single unique user. A visit is someone coming on site, whether they visit one page or ten, then exiting the site (that's one visit). A pageview is just what it sounds like, the number of pages within the site that were viewed. A hit is counted any time a file is called up. For example a webpage with 6 pictures and a block of text can generate 7 or more hits from a single pageview.

Robots and Spiders used by search engines to catalog sites, are not included in these numbers.  Traffic stats from AllWeb stats.

According to Google Analytics demographics, 97% of visits were from the U.S., 64% from Colorado, 48% from Colorado Springs and Fountain.

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