Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October stats for SouthSideBusiness.com

The official launch of the revamped SouthSideBusiness.com took place October 15, 2011, although we began working on the transition a few days before that. Traffic numbers for October are in. Note, available stats for comparison go back 13 months.

We had 1,165 unique visitors during the month. That is second only to February 2011 within the past 13 months. There were 2,162 visits, which is a 13-month high. Pageviews came in at 9,391, almost double the previous high. This is especially relevant in that banner ads now appear on every page.

Visits per visitor were 1.85 and pageviews per visit - 4.34, average duration of visit - 5.33 minutes, all 13-month highs.

Explanation of terms. A unique visitor is a visit from one IP address. In other words, if you visit the site 3 times in one day, that's still one unique visitor. A visit is someone coming on site, whether they visit one page or ten, then exiting the site (that's one visit). A pageview is just what it sounds like, the number of pages within the site that were viewed. Robots and Spiders used by search engines to catalog sites, are not included in these numbers. I'm not reporting "hits" because it's not a useful number. A single visit to one page of a website can generate a dozen or more hits.