Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scam Alert _ The Coffee Man, Clear Vision Marketing

From the Better Business Bureau

The Coffee Man Brewing Up Financial Problems for Investors

Consumers who responded to a business opportunity advertisement placed by “The Coffee Man” dba “Continental Java” and “Continental Gourmet Coffee” have found themselves in dire financial straits with more questions than answers.

Investors were offered different levels of distributorships - Gold for $24,900, Platinum for $44,900, and an Elite for $89,900. The packages included differing amounts of coffee and syrups, display racks and guaranteed placement for the racks.

Mid-April 2008 the BBB began receiving calls from investors who were having difficulties securing the necessary coffee, syrups, and supplies. Customers also reported difficulties contacting the placement company, Clear Vision Marketing out of Evansville, Indiana.

On April 17, 2008 the accreditation (membership) of Clear Vision Marketing was revoked by the Evansville BBB Board of Directors. The firm’s file showed patterns of complaints regarding: failure to honor the contract and/or provide services are promised, failure to provide refunds, and failure to return calls and/or answer correspondence.

Subsequently, on June 16, 2008 The Coffee Man’s accreditation with the BBB was revoked by the BBB of Southern Colorado's Board of Directors due to failure to respond to one or more customer complaints filed with the BBB, failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints on file with the BBB, and unresolved complaints alleging that consumers have not received the products ordered and cannot get a response from the company. The BBB has been unsuccessful in working out a resolution with this company.

Complaints from investors have come from the states of California, New York, Missouri, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Their potential losses total over $385,000. Complainants state that they’ve invested their entire savings, taken out personal loans, and even mortgaged their homes to participate.

Both Clear Vision Marketing and The Coffee Man’s Web sites are still operational.

The BBB is accepting complaints on these companies on our website:

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BBB Scam Alert - Universal TechTronics

Misleading Consumers

Nationwide Advertising Campaign Falsely Promises Free TV and Free DTV Converter Boxes

BBB is alerting consumers to beware of a misleading advertising campaign by an Ohio-based company called Universal TechTronics. Ads are running across the U.S. promising free television channels, services and digital TV converter boxes, but are really a bait and switch tactic that prey on consumers’ lack of knowledge about digital TV conversion requirements.

A BBB investigation found that Universal TechTronics is peddling “five-year warranties” for $59 that must be purchased with their “free” digital TV converter boxes. With shipping and handling fees rolled in, the total cost per box is nearly $100. BBB believes that these are the same boxes consumers can buy in electronics retail stores across the country using $40 U.S. government coupons that make the total cost to consumers about $20 per box.

“The bottom line is that these ads confuse and mislead consumers,” said Carol Odell, BBB of Southern Colorado Executive Director. “Unfortunately consumers who do respond may find that not only will they not receive free products and services as implied by the ads, but they will end up paying more than they would have by taking advantage of the really good deal being offered through the DTV coupon program.”

Universal TechTronics’ ads imply that their converter boxes are free and will provide free channel reception, similar to the type of services consumers receive through cable or satellite providers. Ads state, “No Bills: New ClearView TV receives free channels, no need to pay for cable to get the new digital picture quality and sound,” and “Public to Get Free TV Without Gov't Coupon!” Additionally, the ads use the term “Miracle ClearView TV” to disguise the product and further deceive consumers.

Universal TechTronics has received an unsatisfactory rating from BBB due to its pattern of complaints concerning slow delivery or non-receipt of product, difficulty reaching customer service representatives, delays in obtaining refunds after returning merchandise, product quality issues and advertising claims. In the past nine months the BBB has received nearly 200 complaints about the company’s business practices. The BBB reliability report on this company is available online at:

“Digital TV conversion may seem like a complicated, confusing issue,” added Odell. “But there are a number of easy-to-use resources that consumers can turn to for reliable, trustworthy information to make digital TV conversion a painless and inexpensive process.”

For more information about digital TV conversion consumers can call the DTV hotline at, 888-DTV-2009, or visit:

On February 17, 2009, television stations will stop analog broadcasts, and exclusively broadcast in digital. Viewers who get reception with rabbit ears or an antenna, or who don't have a digital TV, will need a digital converter box to receive television programming. Television sets made after March 2007 already have digital tuners built into them, as required by federal law. Also, analog sets hooked up to cable or satellite systems will not be affected by the switch to digital TV and won't need a converter box.

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BBB Scam Alert - Advanced Fee Loans from Access Financial

Access Financial Services Scams Potential Loan Applicants

Fourteen people from across the United States have fallen prey to an advance fee loan company called “Access Financial Services”. The company is using a Colorado Springs address to appear legitimate, however, there is no such company at the Briargate Boulevard address. The BBB has received complaints from Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, West Virginia, Minnesota, California, Tennessee, Florida and New Jersey. The victims in question have lost over $16,500 to this scam.

Advertisements placed in local papers lured consumers into this scam. After being “approved” the loan recipients were informed that they needed to pay a “loan premium” or a “loan default/collateral payment" in advance. These payments varied from $600 to over $2900, depending on the amount of the loan requested. The monies were to be wired to a private citizen in Canada.

Although the paperwork states that the loan premium is refundable after 14 days no one has received their monies back. When Access Financial is contacted about refunds callers find themselves being given the runaround or hung up on repeatedly.

Victims of Access Financial Services also face the specter of identity theft as the company has their name, social security number, driver’s license information, and bank account numbers.

Tracking and prosecution is difficult because the scam is being operated out of Canada. The BBB is in contact with the Web site provider in attempts to get the firm’s Web site taken down. The Canadian police agency “Phonebusters” has been notified of this company as well.

The BBB reminds persons seeking loans of the following:

According to the Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rule, if someone guarantees or suggests that there is a strong chance they can get or arrange a loan or other form of credit for you, it's against the law to ask you to pay - or accept payment - for their services until you get your loan or credit.

Never give your credit card account number, bank account information, or Social Security number over the telephone or Internet unless you are familiar with the company and know why the information is necessary.

Legitimate lenders will never "guarantee" or say that you are likely to get a loan or a credit card before you apply, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, or a bankruptcy.

Do your homework before sending money or information to any company. Contact the BBB to check on any financial offers you receive at 719-636-1155, 866-206-1800 or at

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BBB Alert - Wal-mart lottery scam

Wal-Mart Name Used in Latest Foreign Lottery Scam

Your phone rings, its “Wal-Mart Computer Systems” calling to tell you that you’ve won 9.8 million dollars!

Local consumers have been contacted by “Victor Vasquez” telling them that they’ve won
2nd prize in their sweepstakes. All the consumer needs to do to get their winnings is to pay an insurance fee of $1600 via Western Union. According to Victor, the insurance fee would be used to pay for UPS (United Parcel Service) and a U.S. Marshal to deliver the money to the winner. The determined scammer even went as far as suggesting that one of the consumers obtain a loan or borrow money so she could send him the funds.

Upon investigation it was discovered that “Victor” was actually calling from Kingston, Jamaica. The Wal-Mart name is fraudulently being used to lend credibility to the scheme. Wal-Mart is not running a sweepstakes or using the name Wal-Mart Computer Systems.

Foreign lottery scams continue to proliferate at an alarming pace. To protect yourself the BBB urges consumers to keep the following facts in mind:

• There should never be any type of fee associated with winning a lottery or sweepstakes. Scammers typically tell victims that the monies are used for processing, insurance or taxes.

• Just because a company is using a familiar name (like Wal-Mart) does not mean that they represent or are in any way affiliated with the firm. Know who you are really talking to. If you’re in doubt, ask for contact information and then verify it with a reputable source.

• Never send money to a stranger using a money transfer service.

• Contact the BBB to check any offers you receive - 636-1155 or

BBB Alert - Magazine Subscription Fraud

Magazine Subscription Fraud, Is That a Renewal or a Ruse

A local man received what he thought was a renewal bill for one of his favorite magazines. A check was mailed to Reader Payment Service (RPS) in Reno, Nevada. Imagine the consumer’s surprise when he later read a letter from the publisher of Railfan & Railroad Magazine stating that the invoice he received was not a legitimate offer.

After the scam was uncovered RPS offered to send a refund in the next 30 days. RPS has an unsatisfactory record with the Reno, Nevada BBB. There have been 40 complaints filed on the company since August 2006. The mailings that are sent out appear to be renewal notices, however, in the fine print it states that “This is a magazine subscription offer not a bill or invoice.” The bottom of the renewal states, “Please keep this for your receipt if responding to this offer – not a bill.”

The notice is quite convincing and takes careful reading to see the “fine print”. As the real magazine publishers have no relationship with RPS they cannot assist readers in obtaining refunds.

The victim contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department. The responding officer called RPS and was told by company representatives that the firm buys magazines from publishers, and then sends out “Notice of Renewal/New Order” to unsuspecting customers.

Reportedly, many other popular magazines publishers have had their readers contacted by RPS.

In order to prevent this sort of fraud consumers are reminded:

• Pay close attention to any kind of mailing asking for payment. Read the fine print.

• If there is a doubt, contact the publisher directly. Most publishers do their own billing and/or renewals and have Web sites or toll free numbers to verify the notice you’ve received. The invoice and envelope should clearly state the magazine you are renewing.

• Guard your bank account or credit card numbers closely.

• Making note of payments for magazines on a yearly calendar or keeping a copy of renewal notices until the next one is received can help you to avoid double payments and fraudulent invoices.

• Contact the BBB at 719-636-1155 or go to to check on any company sending you an invoice, renewal notice or bill.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pilot Program Aims to Take a Load off Emergency Rooms


Colorado Springs, CO -- Peak Vista Community Health Centers and Memorial Health System announce that because of a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), which will be administered by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, Medicaid patients presenting at Memorial Hospital ’s Emergency Department will receive access to and learn the importance of a permanent healthcare home. Patients using costly emergency rooms for primary care has long been a serious community issue which affects all citizens. More than 18,000 Medicaid/Medicaid eligible non-emergency cases presented at Memorial’s Emergency Department in 2007.

As part of a collaborative effort, Peak Vista and Memorial propose to establish an effective referral program for non-emergency Medicaid patients seeking care at Memorial’s Emergency Department (ED). Memorial’s ED staff will provide initial treatment to patients entering the ED for non-emergency care, and then recommend follow up care with Peak Vista. Funding for the grant will be used to implement the infrastructure with a focus on Medicaid patients. This project will focus on three goals:

1) to educate the Medicaid population about alternative non-emergency care options; 2) to offer real time referrals to alternative non-emergency care through the use of Outreach Case Managers; and 3) to promote the concept of a healthcare home for Medicaid patients so that they will have a better understanding of their healthcare options and appropriately use health care services.

Larry McEvoy, M.D., new CEO for Memorial Health System who will provide space and access on site for patient consultation, indicates that “This is a wonderful opportunity to test a pilot program which, if successful, could serve as a model for other hospitals in our region.”

Peak Vista President and CEO, BJ Scott , agrees. “Partnering with Memorial will allow us to identify and implement processes which will benefit Medicaid patients seeking access to exceptional care in the most appropriate setting for their individual healthcare needs.”

About Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Peak Vista Community Health Centers is a non profit, multi-specialty primary healthcare organization whose mission is to provide exceptional healthcare for people facing access barriers. Established in 1971, Peak Vista today offers primary medical, dental and integrated behavioral health services to over 53,000 residents of the Pikes Peak region. Peak Vista has twelve centers at nine sites and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, Inc. More than 400 employees are on staff. To learn more about Peak Vista, visit or call 228-6606.
About Memorial Health System

Memorial Health System is a leading employer and provider of comprehensive health services in southern Colorado . As a self-supporting city enterprise, Memorial receives no tax subsidy, yet treats everyone regardless of ability to pay. Being locally-owned and operated means all revenues are reinvested into the hospital and programs to create a healthier community. Memorial continually invests in its people, technology, facilities and practices with the goal of providing excellent service and the most sensitive care to our patients.

Memorial Hospital for Children, in partnership with The Children’s Hospital provides a full range of health care for infants through teens. Services include pediatric emergency/trauma, children’s surgery, specialty clinics, child life therapy, a Pediatric Center , a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

For more information, contact Memorial Health System public relations at (719) 365-5235, ort Peak Vista Community Health Centers public relations at (719) 228-6606.

Evans Army Hospital Gets New High Tech Gear

Fort Carson Evans Army Community Hospital Offers Enhanced Surgery Capabilities with CompView Medical OR Integration Solution

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. & BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) has partnered with CompView Medical, a leading provider of integrated visual systems for healthcare environments, to install three innovative visualization and equipment management systems in EACH operating rooms. These systems will increase the hospital’s minimally invasive surgery capabilities.

Over the course of two days in May, CompView Medical installed three NuBOOM® Systems, an exclusive, new Visualization and Equipment Management System that integrates comprehensive visual and information routing, switching, documentation and display capabilities to promote a more efficient operating room environment for minimally invasive surgery. The NuBOOM provides electronics and equipment storage space in a single location, reducing OR clutter and improving organizational capabilities, as well as two patented, highly positionable articulating display support arms that provide exceptional monitor visibility in a 360° surgical area.

“We are honored to provide another military medical facility an opportunity to enhance productivity with an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution,” stated Paul White, President and Founder, CompView Medical. “We are proud to enable the team of medical professionals at Evans with a product that will assist them in making a positive impact on healthcare in their community.”

“At Evans Army Community Hospital we are going through a period of rapid growth and a boom in business over the next several years as more troops are relocated to Colorado Springs,” said MAJ Elizabeth Javernick, Chief of Anesthesia and Operative Services, EACH. “The NuBOOM Systems provide an excellent means to maximize our OR efficiency and improve turn-over times even more than we already have, allowing us to absorb the extra caseload within a reasonable workday. In addition, our providers will now have more options than ever, improving patient care and emphasizing the teamwork between OR staff members. We are excited to have this capability at our fingertips and feel assured that it is an invaluable addition to our facility.”

EACH has remained at the forefront of minimally invasive surgical procedures since its onset. Like many other U.S. hospital facilities, however, there were infrastructure constraints due to smaller spaces and lower ceilings, resulting in the need for staff to wheel equipment towers in and out of busy operating rooms on a daily basis. The NuBOOM Systems have allowed EACH to update its OR environment to provide state-of-the-art digital integration and equipment management “in place,” without the need for extensive construction or renovation, enabling the surgical team to focus on advancing clinical practice and patient care.

About EACH

The current hospital on Fort Carson opened in 1986. It was named Evans Army Community Hospital in honor of Specialist Four Donald Evans, Jr. He was a member of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division and was awarded the Medal of Honor for action at Tri Tam, Republic of Vietnam, where he gave his life while administering medical aid to fellow soldiers. Last year, the Operating Rooms at EACH had an average of 17.3 cases per day for a total of 6,321 cases.

About CompView Medical

Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical ( is a medical technology spin-off of CompView, Inc., a leading provider of professional audiovisual integration services with over 20 years of experience and 2300 projects worldwide. CompView Medical has leveraged its revolutionary OR visualization and equipment management design and AV integration expertise with best-in-class technology suppliers to provide complete, streamlined solutions to advance the digitally integrated operating room.

About NuBOOM

NuBOOM is a complete visualization and equipment management system designed to add minimally invasive surgery (MIS) capabilities in hospitals, surgery centers and medical training facilities in as little as 2 days. For the surgeon, NuBOOM enhances physical, cognitive, and perceptive ergonomics during procedures. NuBOOM includes DOCS, a state-of-the-art integrated video, communication and control system designed specifically for the surgical environment that provides surgeons, nurses and staff with optimum visual control and communication capability.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Karate School Kicks Off Food drive/Fundraiser

Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts in association with Meridian Point Church located at 5450 Meridian Rd just off Meridian Road and Garrett, is having a food drive for the High Plains Helping Hands Food pantry.

Falcon, CO – 10 June, 2008 – Food Drive/Fundraiser foundation for Grand Opening celebration. Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts, Food Drive/Fundraiser, Falcon, CO, 14 June 2008 8am to 3pm. High Plains Helping Hands, Inc. exists to feed the poor in Falcon and to the north and east. We will accomplish this by providing hope through food distribution, and through resources and educational opportunities for those in need.

Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts in association with Meridian Point Church located at 5450 Meridian Rd just off Meridian Road and Garrett, is having a food drive for the

High Plains Helping Hands Food pantry. The fundraiser will have fun activities for all including a jumping house, karate demonstrations, classes, mini self defense seminars, games, food, raffle and more. See and try the kick-a-thon and punch-a-thon, 8:30am to see how many times you can kick or hit a bag for a donation(anyone can participate),. See Sempai’s brick breaking challenge. Also go to and print a coupon, bring it to the fundraiser with a food donation and receive one week free classes or free uniform(with monthly sign-up). The Helping hands food pantry really needs your help so please join in on all the fun June 14th from 8am-3pm at Meridian Point Church. For more information call 648-1178. Other items needed are clothes, school supplies and personal hygiene items. Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts has a Colorado Springs location 901 Yuma St. near Circle & Galley, call for drop off times.

The Helping hands food pantry really needs your help so please join in on all the fun June 14th from 8am-3pm at Meridian Point Church. For more information call 648-1178. Also go to and print a coupon, bring it to the fundraiser with a food donation and receive one week free classes or free uniform(with monthly sign-up).

The fundraiser will have fun activities for all including a jumping house, karate demonstrations, classes, mini self defense seminars, games, food, raffle and more.

Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts has been teaching Martial Arts in Colorado Springs since 2003, and in Falcon since 2005. Colorado Springs location 901 Yuma St. near Circle & Galley, and in Falcon at the Meridian Point Church, 5450 Meridian Rd. Falcon Colorado. More information

Thursday, June 5, 2008

MG Lord, Cyberspace Commander, to Speak at Government Security Conference

Major General William T. Lord, Commander of the Air Force Cyberspace Command (Provisional), to address the federal IT Security community as a keynote speaker at the Federal Information Security Conference on July 1, 2008 in Colorado Springs, CO. With about 3 million attempted penetrations of the Department of Defense network a day, cyber-war takes place all the time. General Lord is responsible for creating the Air Force major air command for organization, training and equipping of combat forces to operate in cyberspace.

About the Conference:

Information Security needs in 2008 are highlighted by new security policies and looming security deadlines. Over the past 6 years, the Federal Information Security Conference (FISC) has identified the key areas of concern in Information Security and gathered experienced presenters to handle these topics.

The FISC agenda is divided into 3 tracks providing current information on security guidelines and solutions for Information Security professionals. The seventh annual FISC will focus on the security policies and controls needed to meet secure requirements, explore the technologies created to assist with compliance and review situations where the combination of policy and technology resulted in successful Information Security management. FISC 2008 will feature 13 new session topics including: security initiatives, security compliance, SCAP: security content automation protocol, and enterprise mobility, among others.

For more information regarding the agenda, speakers, and to register for FISC 2008, visit (Government rates available). Don’t miss your opportunity to update your Information Security environment.

BBB Fraud Alert - Bargain Driveway Paving

Asphalt Company Will Ruin, Not Resurface Driveway

Colorado consumers have been getting bargain deals for resurfacing their driveways from door-to-door salesmen, but the quality of the final product has been just as low as the price. The BBB is warning consumers to be aware of a scam involving a company offering to pave driveways with “leftover” asphalt from a previous larger job. Customers have been typically left with poor work that must be replaced.

Misleading solicitations like these can be avoided if consumers look for the specific warning signs offered by the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA). The following aspects of a potential offer are normally uncharacteristic of a reputable asphalt company:

 Solicitor claims its “leftover” asphalt.
 Deal is too good to be true.
 Company only accepts cash.
 A “one-time offer” is presented.
 Involves a door-to-door salesperson.

If you suspect you have been presented with a questionable offer, contact the BBB at 719-636-1155 or check the company’s reliability report at

Additional information on asphalt pavement can be obtained by contacting CAPA at 303-741-6150 or their Web site at

For more information contact Carol Odell, 719-636-5076, ext. 111.

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