Tuesday, May 22, 2012

April traffic for SouthSideBusiness.com

April 2012 was our second best in terms of traffic, second only to March 2012.  There were 2210 unique visitors for the month, and 4,267 total visits.

Page views came in at 11,184 or 2.62 pages per visit.

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*Explanation of terms. A unique visitor is an IP address. It's not quite a unique person as people sharing a home or office network, in most cases, would be reflected as a single unique user. A visit is someone coming on site, whether they visit one page or ten, then exiting the site (that's one visit). A pageview is just what it sounds like, the number of pages within the site that were viewed. Robots and Spiders used by search engines to catalog sites, are not included in these numbers. I'm not reporting "hits" because it's not a useful number. A single visit to one page of a website can generate a dozen or more hits.