Saturday, February 9, 2013

More stats for

We now use three different sets of tracking software for Each has its own methodology and parameters, so each gives different results. However, they have unique characteristics that make them all useful.

We'll continue to use AWStats for traffic reporting, as that's what we started with and I want to compare apples to apples from month to month.

Google Analytics provides geographic information though. We can tell roughly where our traffic is coming from.

Over the past 30 days, about 45% of visits came from Colorado Springs and Fountain. About 12% came from the Denver metro area. 4% came from NYC. Rounding out the top cities were Minneapolis, Encino and Mount Laural at about 1% each. About 93% of traffic overall came from the U.S.

Friday, February 1, 2013

January web stats for

Here are the stats for January 2013 for

7468 Visits
3933 Unique visitors
19456 Pageviews
207,480 Hits

January was our second highest traffic month ever, behind only Oct 2012 (but not by much).

*Explanation of terms. A unique visitor is an IP address. It's not quite a unique person as people sharing a home or office network, in most cases, would be reflected as a single unique user. A visit is someone coming on site, whether they visit one page or ten, then exiting the site (that's one visit). A pageview is just what it sounds like, the number of pages within the site that were viewed. A hit is counted any time a file is called up. For example a webpage with 6 pictures and a block of text can generate 7 or more hits from a single pageview. 

Robots and Spiders used by search engines to catalog sites, are not included in these numbers.  Stats from AllWeb stats.

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